Why KONRAD Armaturen?

Valve manufacturers are many in the world, big ones and even bigger ones. Those who build standard fittings that are used in standard situations. And those that are not about mass, but about class. KONRAD Armaturen is one such special supplier. Here, special fittings are manufactured in a way that is no longer possible elsewhere:

With dedication to the product and attention to detail.

Welded instead of casted

Of course, it is easier and cheaper to cast the body of a fitting. But if durability, resilience and longevity are your focus, there is only one alternative: a welded special fitting from KONRAD.

Individually designed

Strictly speaking, there are only three types of fittings at KONRAD: types “A”, “R” and “RA”. But these are available in almost any dimension you require.
As a KONRAD customer, you do not buy off the peg, but tailor-made.

Reconditioning instead of scrapping

Every valve wears out after a while. But for KONRAD customers, scrapping is not an option. Rather, refurbishing is the order of the day. This is good for your budget and even better for sustainability and your responsible understanding of the product.