My name is 1230, I was made in 1973 and since then I was faithfully working for my destination in Chempark Leverkusen.
Day after day I had to deal with a lot of water pumped directly from the Rhine, not to be compared with Evian or Voss Water .
My job was to protect the precious pump behind me, although this very pump was always busy shooting water at me.
We had a good long time working flawlessly with no problems.
According to experts who examined me on site, however, I am now a case for well-deserved retirement after all.

They now hold me in high esteem and claim that I am a prime example of the Konrad slogan „Quality by tradition and conviction“.
As soon as you enter the hallowed halls of manufacturing from the office building, I am the first person you see. Should you wish to examine me with your own eyes, please feel free to contact my colleagues!
Your 1230